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Classlet provides everything your child will ever need to prepare for school entrance tests. You don’t need expensive tutors and textbooks.

Classlet = The Entrance Exam Specialists

Online Practice

Your child will log in, study and practise over 60,000 exam questions with detailed feedback.

Designed by Teachers

Our courses are designed by experienced and qualified teachers with several years of teaching experience in the UK.

Reports & Feedback

Parents receive email notifications of their child’s scores upon completing every assessment test.

High Success Rate

Students who successfully complete all their courses in Classlet with 80% scores are highly likely to pass their entrance tests and gain admission to selective schools.

Timed Mock Tests

There are timed mock tests and assessment tests at the end of each topic to check your child’s understanding before your child can progress to the next topic.

Help & Support​

Our tutors are available to help and support your child along the way when the going gets tough. An active forum is also available.

About Classlet

Our main objective is to assist parents, irrespective of their financial status, in their child’s academic journey to attend top selective schools that their child would not have been privileged.

Our Mission

To provide learners with a platform with all they need to gain admission to top schools and compete favourably with others.

Our Vision

To provide students with the opportunity to unleash their full potential to succeed in their academic and personal lives.

Subject Categories

Our subject categories are grouped into learning labs

Classlet teachers

Courses created by real teachers

Classlet comprises courses structured into topics created by real teachers with several years of experience. Let your child learn from real, qualified, and experienced teachers for maximum success. Don’t entrust your child in the hands of those who are not REAL teachers, or teachers teaching in UK schools.

Our subjects include verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, spatial reasoning, English comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, punctuation, cloze, and shuffled sentences.

Classlet Tutorial Academy, Woolwich, South East, London

Want face-to-face tuition?

We recognize that independent online practice may not be for everybody. Some children may have unique learning needs. Hence, there is also face-to-face tuition. Classlet Tutorial Academy is in the heart of Woolwich Town Centre and provides teacher-led teaching at affordable cost. We teach Year 7 to Year 11 English, Maths, and Science. We also teach A-Level Maths to Year 12 and 13 students.

Classlet academy

11 Plus Results: Bexley 82%

2022 Results

Bexley: 82%          Kent: 90%       Medway: 92% 

Bromley: 60%      Essex: 84%      Private: 63%

2021 Results

Bexley: 79%           Kent: 76%        Medway: 74% 

Bromley: 69%       Essex: 73%       Private: 53%

2020 Results

Bexley: 81%            Kent: 86%       Medway: 89% 

Bromley: 65%       Essex: 80%     Private: 52%.

Course Features

All our courses have features to accelerate your child’s performance from Zero to Hero within a short space of time.

  • Video lesson for every topic
  • Bank of over 60,000 exam questions
  • Structured curriculum split into chunks
  • Gamification to encourage learning
  • Discussion forum to seek help
  • Mock tests timed according to real exam
  • Pass mark before progression
  • Feedback on every exam question
  • End of Topic assessment tests
  • Certificates of completion

What our parents say

Jumoke Johnson

“You cannot go wrong with Classlet. Let me repeat what they said on their website: ‘Classlet has all your child needs to pass his 11 Plus test’. Yes, it is absolutely true”
Bexleyheath, Kent

Lashaun Jacobs

“My child used their platform to prepare for his 13+ exam after missing his 11+ by five marks. He passed and is on the waiting list for Dartford Grammar School for Boys”
Dartford, Kent

Ngozi Onyema

“My daughter has used several platforms and always complains about one thing or another. When we found Classlet, she was more focused due to the gamification”
Abbeywood, London

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions by parents and students. Please visit the relevant course page for more FAQs for that particular course. You can also email or call us for more enquiries.

Your child is NOT expected to join any scheduled online lesson. Your child will have access to the entire course in videos, practice tests, assessment tests, and mock tests. Your child can practise at any time of their choice in the comfort of their own home. Your child will have everything they need to successfully pass the exam.

Our curriculum is designed to make it extremely easy for every child to successfully complete the course and pass their exams without tutor help. However, if you feel your child needs some one-to-one sessions, you can easily book some online teacher-led sessions to concentrate specifically on areas your child finds difficult.

If you feel that independent self-study is not for your child, you can enroll your child at our tuition centre at Woolwich- Classlet Tutorial Academy. Sessions are held every Saturday between 10 AM and 2.30 PM. Alternatively, if your child just needs a little teacher help in some areas, it is advisable you use our booking calendar to schedule some online classes for your child.

As for the entrance tests, our curriculum and courses cover ALL examination boards CEM, GL Assessment, Essex Consortium, Bromley, and all other boards including independent schools.

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