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This bundle contains 27 progressive courses suitable for Year 7 students, mostly in comprehensive schools, wishing to transfer to a grammar school or to a top selective private school in Year 8.


Course Features
  • Video tutorials for every topic
  • Bank of over 60,000 practice questions
  • Structured courses bundled into 27 levels
  • Timed mock/assessment tests
  • Feedback after each test
  • Certificate of Completion

What you’ll learn

  • Verbal reasoning, cloze test, synonyms, and antonyms
  • English comprehension, grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Non-verbal reasoning, cubes, and spatial reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning and mathematics
  • Practice tests, assessment tests, and mock tests

Real-time Notifications

Parents will be emailed notifications of their child’s progress and score each time their child completes a test.

Online Mock Tests

Mock tests comprising past questions are available for your child to attempt with instant feedback.

Instant Results

Our platform instantly marks and assesses your child’s test and sends notifications to your phone.


Our content is specifically tailored toward passing the Bexley, Kent, Medway, Bromley, Essex, and all boroughs and regions across the UK. Our content is also suitable for passing admission tests for private and independent schools with a view to obtaining scholarships.

Our teaching methodology involves Powerpoint slides and video tutorials to explain the core concepts of the topics being taught.

Our assessment tests comprise timed multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, fill-in-the-gaps, matching activities, drag-and-drop, true or false, and other assessment formats to assess understanding.

Yes. The questions you answered and the answers you gave are displayed at the end of the assessment test for your review. You are also shown the correct answer and a short explanation.

Yes. All our assessment tests are timed and the duration depends on the number of questions, level of difficulty, and the total marks for the test in accordance with the educational borough.

The full programme is broken down into 24 courses known as Levels. Each level comprises VR, NVR, comprehension, spelling, cloze, mathematics, English, etc.

No. You must go through the level sequentially starting from Level 1. You have to pass all the practice and assessment tests in Level 1 before you can progress to Level 2.

In Classlet, there are two types of assessments. The Practice test, which is not times with a 100% pass mark. The second is the Assessment test, which is timed and normally has a pass mark of 80%.

Unfortunately, the system will not allow you access to the next topic if you have not satisfied the pass mark required to progress to the next topic.

Yes. You can retake an assessment multiple times but on each occasion, the system will randomly generate different questions for you to avoid cheating.

Yes. Your parent will get an email every time you complete a test showing your score and also whether you passed the test.

Yes. You can click the View Questions button after submitting your test to see the correct answers to the questions followed by explanations for each answer.

The 12 Plus CAT4 Selection Test (Cognitive Ability Test) is an exam taken by students in the United Kingdom who are already in Year 7 to determine whether they are eligible for admission to a selective grammar secondary school.

The 12 Plus CAT4 Selection Test typically covers maths, English, verbal reasoning, spatial reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning. The exact subjects covered can vary depending on the school or local authority administering the test.

The format of the 13 Plus Selection Test can vary depending on the school or local authority administering the test but typically involves a combination of multiple-choice questions and written answers. The test may also include timed sections to assess speed and accuracy. The test is usually taken online.

There are a variety of ways to prepare for the 12 Plus Selection Test, including practice tests, tutoring, and online resources. It is important to start preparing early and to practice regularly to build skills and confidence.

The Bexley 12 Plus Selection test is an exam taken by students in Bexley, London, in order to determine their eligibility for In-Year transfer to a selective grammar school in Year 8 when they are already in state schools.

Unlike the 11 Plus Selective test that is held every September, the 12 Plus test can be held at any time depending on the boroughs or schools.

The test consists of two parts: a multiple-choice test covering verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, and mathematics, as well as a writing task.

The multiple-choice test is approximately one hour and forty-five minutes. The writing task is approximately forty minutes.

To apply, you need to download the application form from the borough educational website and complete an In-Year application form. For Kent and Medway grammar schools, you must apply to the schools directly.


What Our Parents Are Saying

Given below are a couple of testimonials we received from our excited parents.

My daughter passed her Bexley 11 Plus test attaining the top 180. I heard about Classlet from a friend and decided to give it a go. I was glad I did. I will therefore recommend Classlet to every serious child that wants to nail the 11 Plus test.
Remilekun Daramola
Bellegrove Road, Welling, Kent.
I was initially hesitant to subscribe my child to Classlet. My husband convinced me to subscribe since I could cancel at any time. It turned out to be our u0022saviouru0022 because my son passed a private school admission test and was awarded 50% scholarship.
Camille Ashwood
Southampton, Hampshire

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